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Data Collection Notice

Last updated, 30 November 2020

Who is collecting your personal information?

Your personal information is being collected by HR Headquarters.

Personal Information collected

You have provided us with personal information or we collected that information from a third party or external source, which may have included your name, address, phone number, email, organisation and position details.

You may also have provided us with other personal information, such as credit or financial information, sensitive information including disability or health information, detail of your ethnic origin, religious belief or other preferences (some of which may be collected inadvertently).

Why is your personal information being collected?

The purpose of collecting your personal information is to document any real or apparent conflicts of interest and to record your acknowledgement of your obligations under the above legislation. This assists HR Headquarters to manage any conflicts of interest.

What would happen if your personal information was not collected?

If we do not collect this personal information from you, we may be unable to properly provide services and/or advice to you and your business, or the nature and extent of those services may be limited.

To whom will your personal information be disclosed?

Your personal information will be disclosed to the Agency Head and the head of Corporate. The HR Headquarters’ human resources section will be provided with the original of this form for storage on your personnel file. A copy of this form may also be provided to your manager to enable appropriate management of work relationships and duties. It is not likely that your personal information will be disclosed to any overseas recipients.


Access to and correction of personal information and complaints

Please refer to the HR Headquarters Privacy Policy for information on how to access, complain or request an amendment of your personal information.

Working Together
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