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Career Monitor

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Career Monitor


We always do job interviews before hiring someone.


What would happen to you?


Understand your key employees before its TOO LATE!


The key to ENGAGEMENT is the collective voice.

The key to RETENTION is the individual voice.

Replacing any employee can cost 50%-150% of their annual salary.

What would it cost you business to replace one of your best?


We always do job interviews before hiring someone.

Sometimes we conduct exit interviews when an employee leaves.

When did you last interview employees while they were still in the business?


We have to understand retention and what it means for individuals. When we think about 'a job', we relate this to 'I am doing this for you'. When we think about 'a career', we relate this to 'I am doing this for me'.

Businesses need to come to terms with what drives retention and what it means for the career of the individual employee. The Career Monitor process has been designed to bridge the gap in a clear and quantifiable way.

Why Businesses Use It?


The motivation for businesses to conduct Career Monitor interviews in high:

  • It provides clear guidelines on how to retain individual employees

  • It assists employees to be accountable to their contribution to the business

  • It provides a rated report with priorities to work on and an individual risk rating

  • Results can be collated to create a total organisational risk rating

Tailored to fit your business, it provides a risk and opportunity analysis of individual employee circumstances.

  • Probation reviews

  • Pre-exit analysis

  • Key employee retention program

  • Annual survey as part of a HR Plan

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