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Our Vision

Established in 2020, HR Headquarters helps Australian businesses realise their protentional to grow from good to great.


To empower businesses to manage sustainable growth.


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Our suite of business coaching services are designed to empower organizations, regardless of sector.


By getting back to the basics and linking the business strategy to the activities of employees, HR Headquarters is able to coach businesses and managers through critical break points in the businesses growth using the National Human Resources Framework as a benchmark to reduce risk and improve sustainability.

Business Services


Mr. Sean Murray

Sean is a certified HR Coach and Partner at HR Headquarters. Sean has 14 years of experience working with businesses to align their activity with their strategy to maximise their performance and profitability.  Sean’s business experience is also complemented by relevant tertiary studies and numerous leadership roles.


Sean achieves measurable results driving performance and increasing profitability by linking the business strategy to employee action and the overall performance of the business.


Sean values courage, initiative, teamwork, and respect, which are attributes that he finds in all of the successful business owners who he works with.  He works with these business owners to ensure their business success – as all parties need to succeed to make the relationship work for the long term. 



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A good leader is a person who takes a little more than their share of the blame and a little less than their share of the credit.

John Maxwell

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