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This simple and easy way to create a compliant Australian employee handbook in minutes.

Templates & forms specifically for Australian micro, small businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Includes a copy of the Induction Manual as a bonus!

Total cost $297 Incl GST.
Annual Renewal $29.70 Incl GST.
Cancel at any time.


Need to create an employee handbook, but don't know where to start?


Instant Human Resource (HR) Policies and Procedures includes everything you need to create a fully compliant employee handbook.

All the policies, forms and letters are contained in one simple, plain English, easy-to-use package developed by experienced HR practitioners and experts.

Why choose Instant Policies & Procedures?


Essential policies & forms included


Easy to customise

Comes in Word format. Simply insert your company name and details.


Up to date

2021 edition – Current with Australian  Legislation.


Trusted since 2007

First published in 2007. Used in thousands of businesses.


Updates included

All updates included for 12 Months. Super low-cost updates thereafter.


Instant download

No waiting for books or complex software. Get started today.



Written specifically for Australian small to medium businesses.

Download Free Sample Employee Policies & Full Index

Download the full contents list and a number of free HR policies.

What Employee Policies Are Included?

Imagine being easily able to handle these areas. Instant HR Policies & Procedures contains policies on each of these key HR issues:

Before You Start

  • Details on the legal things you need in place before you hire your first employee


Recruitment & Selection

  • Position Descriptions

  • Recruitment & Selection

  • Police Checks

  • Working With Children Checks

  • Referee Checks

  • Induction

  • Probation

  • Work Experience & Internships

  • Work Trials


Behaviour & Code of Conduct

  • Diversity & Inclusion

  • Anti-Discrimination

  • Workplace Bullying & Harassment

  • Sexual Harassment

  • Racial Vilification

  • Whistleblowing

  • Code of Conduct

  • Discipline & Dismissal

  • Alcohol & Drugs

  • Anti-Bribery & Corruption

  • Smoking

  • Grievance Procedures

  • Conflict of Interest (Including Personal Relationships at Work)


Performance Learning & Development

  • Performance Reviews

  • Learning & Development

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

  • Unsatisfactory Performance & Poor Performance

  • 60 day money back guarantee


Safety & Security

  • Workplace Health & Safety (Statement of Policy)

  • Opening & Closing the Office

  • After Hours Access

  • Workplace Violence

  • Domestic & Family Violence

  • Mental Health

  • Receiving Goods Loss Prevention

  • Manual Handling

  • First Aid

  • Office Security

  • Fire

  • Working From Home

  • Environment & Waste Management

  • Workplace Rehabilitation

  • Workplace Surveillance

  • Safely Disposing Discarded Syringes (Sharps)

  • Pandemics

  • Natural Disasters & Severe Weather


Information Technology 

  • Information Technology

  • Internet & Social Media

  • Data Breaches

  • Emails

  • Smartphones & Tablets

  • Personal Mobile Phones, Instant Messaging

  • Personal Calls & Personal Mail

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

  • Printers, Copiers & Faxes

  • Administration & Support

  • Office Appearance

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Client Service

  • Client Complaints

  • Media Enquiries

  • Telephones

  • Expenditure & Purchasing

  • Corporate Credit Cards

  • Motor Vehicles

  • Lost Property

Conditions of Employment

  • Employment Type

  • Job Sharing

  • Hours of Work

  • Flexible Working Arrangements

  • Casual to Permanent Conversion

  • Time Off in Lieu

  • Punctuality

  • Shift Swapping

  • Public Holidays

  • Overtime

  • Timesheets

  • Family Friendly Provisions

  • Pregnancy

  • Transgender Team Members

  • Disability & Reasonable Adjustment

  • Pay & Pay Records

  • Salary Sacrifice

  • Privacy of Personnel Files & Records

  • Access to Records

  • Staff Privacy

  • Staff Discount

  • Car Parking

  • Annual Leave & Cashing Out Annual Leave

  • Personal Leave (Sick Leave, Carers Leave)

  • Paid & Unpaid Parental Leave

  • Compassionate Leave

  • Study Leave

  • Jury Service

  • Community Service Leave

  • Leave Without Pay

  • Long Service Leave

  • Parental Leave

  • Adoption Leave

  • Christmas Closedown

  • Outside Employment

  • Criminal History Assessments

  • Termination of Employment

  • Redundancy

  • Exit Procedures

  • Abandonment of Employment

  • Death

  • Privacy & Confidentiality

  • Intellectual Property

  • Appearance & Uniforms

  • Travel – Use of Own Car

  • Travel – On Business


Easy As 1... 2... 3...

Create your employee handbook in minutes. Start by downloading the documents (they come in Word format). Then search and replace ABCD with your company name. Finally, review your document and tweak the processes to match how you want your business to run. Simple!

Some of the Industries Currently Using the HR Manual

  • Law firms

  • Mines

  • Accountants & Bookkeepers

  • Manufacturers

  • Funeral homes

  • Personal trainers & Gyms

  • Travel agents

  • Allied health clinics

  • Trades

  • Architects & Construction

  • Human Resource Consultants

  • Industry Associations

  • Engineers

  • Aviation

  • Veterinary clinics

  • IT companies

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Software developers

  • Medical practices

  • Childcare centers

  • Fuel Manufactures

  • Not for profits

  • Specialist practice

  • Motels & Accommodation

  • Petrol stations

  • Private schools

  • Churches

  • Retail



Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual

Comprehensive policies and procedures suitable for all businesses from one employee to medium-sized enterprises.



Bonus 1: New Employee Induction Manual

A New Employee Induction Manual covering all the essential things a new team member needs to know in their first week of employment with your company.

It will help you plan and deliver highly focused inductions to get your new team member up to speed – FAST, as well as limit the, “You didn’t tell me that” conversations down the track.




Bonus 2: HR Forms

Two A pack filled to the brim with useful HR Forms and templates including:

  • Position Description Template

  • Recruitment and Selection Checklist

  • Applicant Acknowledgement Letter

  • Applicant Rejection Letter

  • Reference Check

  • Welcome Letter

  • New Employee Checklist

  • Induction Form – General

  • Induction Form – Manager / Supervisor

  • Team Member Details Form

  • Payslip Details Form

  • Leave Application

  • Timesheet

  • Probation Evaluation Form

  • Performance Appraisal Form

  • Transition Plan

  • Exit Form

  • Exit Checklist

  • Resignation Acceptance

  • Excess Leave

  • Working from Home Agreement

  • Part-time Hours of Work Agreement

  • Change of Pay Rate Letter

  • Transfer/Promotion Letter

  • Motor Vehicle Accident Report Form

  • Expense Form

  • Letter of Appointment (Casual)

  • Letter of Appointment (Fulltime/Part-time)

  • Payroll Deduction Form

  • Probation Success Letter

  • Unsuccessful Probation Letter

  • Christmas Closedown Notice

  • Incident Report

  • Unsatisfactory Work Performance /Discipline – First/Second Warning

  • Unsatisfactory Work Performance/ Discipline – Final Warning

  • Letter of Termination – With Notice

  • Letter of Termination – Summary Dismissal/Serious Misconduct

  • Casual to Permanent Conversion



Bonus 3: HR Articles

A pile of practical and useful HR articles to help you implement your HR Policies & Procedures in your business. This booklet includes:

  • Reasons why you need a HR Manual

  • Implementation Tips on how to implement your HR Manual.

  • How to write your own HR Policies.

  • How to hire your first team member.

  • How to make Codes of Conduct “stick”.

  • Firing Tips – how to fire someone respectfully.



Bonus 4: Performance Review Templates & Forms

A range of different Employee Performance Review forms, ranging from simple one-page forms to more detailed and complex strategies.



Bonus 5: The Full and Complete New Employee Induction Manual Kit (Valued at $127 incl. GST)

The complete New Employee Induction Manual – all templates, forms and e-book. Practical tips, strategies and advice to get your new employee up to speed FAST!

Induction Manual

$127 Incl GST

  • New Employee Inductions e-book 

  • New Employee Induction Manual

  • Employee Induction Forms

  • Not Included: Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual

  • Not Included: HR Forms

  • Not Included – HR Articles

  • Not Included – Performance Review Templates & Forms

Instant HR Policies and Procedures

$297 Incl GST

  • New Employee Inductions e-book

  • New Employee Induction Manual

  • Employee Induction Forms

  • Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual

  • HR Forms

  • HR Articles

  • Performance Review Templates & Forms

Your Instant HR Policies & Procedures Questions Answered


Is the employee handbook up to date?

  • We review the package in full at the beginning of each year and after every major legislative update to ensure the content is always current.


Are all the bonuses included in the price?

  • Yes. You get the full Instant HR Policies & Procedures Manual, as well as all of the bonuses included for the one price.


Are updates included?

  • You get access to 12 month’s of update included in your initial purchase. After 12 months, you will be billed a low renewal rate of just $29.70 incl. GST annually to retain access to every update issued each year. That’s ongoing peace of mind!


Is there a guarantee?

  • We offer a 60-day 100% money back guarantee.


Are they easy to customise?

  • All the documents come in either Word format (so you can edit them) or PDF (for purely informational documents that you don’t need to edit). If you can use the basic features of Word, you can edit these documents. We also include instructions so you can update your contents page when you are finished editing.


Can you customise the documents for me?

  • While most businesses find they don’t need any extra help editing their manual, if you do have a challenging HR issue then we recommend you work with a local HR consultant to get one-on-one attention.


Why do you recommend we run our final employee handbook past our lawyer?

  • Employment relations in Australia is highly complex. No template package can cover every business structure, or unique employment challenge. That’s why we recommend every employee manual (no matter whether developed by using our templates or in conjunction with a HR consultant), be run past your lawyer to ensure your specific circumstances are taken into account.


Does it include full WHS policies & procedures?

  • While we do include some general WHS policies, unfortunately, the legislation still is not consistent across Australia. Also, WHS for a mining operation is different to WHS for an accounting firm. You will still need to develop organisation specific WHS policies and procedures for your business.


Why is it so inexpensive?

  • We regularly get calls from people wanting to know why we don’t charge hundreds more for the package. We believe every business has the right to know how to comply with employment legislation without breaking the bank. That is why we pruned out everything that adds unnecessary cost. There is no fancy additional software, no disks, no packaging and no printing so we can keep costs as low as possible.


I haven't received my download emails. Can you help?

  • First, take a look in your junk or spam folder as sometimes they end up in there. If you don’t receive your download email within 5 minutes of purchase, please get in touch. Hotmail accounts and some business accounts with super aggressive spam filters may eat our download emails. Call us on (07) 3712 2367 or email us and we will work with you to find another way to get your downloads to you.

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