The more seriously you take your growth, the more seriously your people will take you.
John Maxwell

Introducing Our Firm

HR Headquarters is a network member of the national HR Coach network. Based in regional Victoria, work with businesses in the SME sector to align their strategy with the activities of their people to improve performance and profitability.​

Our Business Model

Our range of consulting services are designed to help small and medium businesses to overcome challenges closing the gap between strategy and action and align the actions of their people with their strategic goals by identifying their needs and developing a framework for implementing sustainable change.

Supported by independent research commissioned by the HR Coach Research Institute, our key model of operation is the development and implementation of a 12-month HR plan. 


The plan is divided in to five key areas that are aligned with the National Human Resources Framework.

The National HR Framework is a standard that was released in 2010 to meet the needs of businesses.

It minimizes risk and unlocks value in businesses to maximize sustainability.

The standard identified 5 linked and critical stages that form a framework. Those include:

1. Organisational measurement and planning

2. HR Systems and processes

3. Corporate compliance

4. Performance management

5. Improvement systems.

The standard provides a sound structure for HR focus and activity within a business. It is also provides a basis for annual review - as the business environment is constantly changing-and businesses need to adapt to survive and prosper.

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Organisational Measurement and Planning

Business strategy

Business data analysis

Employee benchmarks

Employee analysis

HR Plan mapping to strategy and analysis

Annual HR Plan


HR Processes and Systems

Policies and procedures

Attraction and recruitment

Retention and reward & recognition programs

Position and reporting structures

Recordkeeping, employee records & payroll systems

Performance management procedures


Governance and Compliance

Annual legislation audit

Internal compliance audit

Compliance policy and procedure verification & updates

Orientation, annual reorientation & communication


Performance Management

Performance reviews and evaluations

Coaching frameworks

Peer coaching

Individual development programs

Organisational capability reporting


Workplace improvement

Workplace improvement programs

Specialised task force committees

Workshops and group development programs

Community based projects

Client & supplier joint programs


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